Opening This Week!

We’re planning to open later this week at 525 SW 9th Avenue… that’s in Portland’s biggest food cart pod, near the corner of 9th and Washington. Please stop by and give us a try!


I’m Sam Mouzon. I grew up in Alabama, with a legendary country barbecue joint within walking distance of home. Mary’s Pit BBQ didn’t have anywhere to sit down and eat back in those days; they were take-out only. We’d go down almost every Saturday (and some days in between) and come back home with my favorite meal of the week.

I’ve been on the move ever since high school graduation, but everywhere I go,  I search out the best barbecue in the region. And the funny thing is how widely varied barbecue is, from Miami to Portland, and many places in between. Along the way, I studied at and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

We’ll be starting with a "chef’s journey through barbecue." Through this ongoing progression of barbecue, it’ll probably become clear that the people of Portland have certain favorites, and we’ll eventually make them regulars on the menu.

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